Grants In Action

The Foundation grants are awarded for instructional materials, teaching aids, campus projects, district initiatives and other items that can be used to expand the learning opportunities of the existing school curriculum. Proposals may be made by any LTISD employee including teachers or a team of teachers, department heads, campus principal or assistant principal, or by administration. LTEF-funded programs should enhance, but not duplicate, the approved curriculum. We look for innovative, creative ideas that fall outside the ordinary school budget, yet promise to augment the curricula in a meaningful way.

The 2023-2024 Grant Application is closed.

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2022-2023 Grant Recipients


Graphing Calculators
Amount: $1,500 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Mr. Schuler.

Calculators serve as aids in advancing student understanding without replacing the need for other calculation methods. Calculator use can promote the higher-order thinking and reasoning needed for problem solving in our information- and technology-based society. Their use can also assist teachers and students in increasing student understanding of and fluency with arithmetic operations, algorithms, and numerical relationships and enhancing student motivation. Strategic calculator use can aid students in recognizing and extending numeric, algebraic, and geometric patterns and relationships.

Mock Courtroom
Amount: $1,500 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. Monahan

My classroom motto is “Voice Is Power.” I truly believe that the more opportunities we give students to think on their feet and use evidence as the foundation for their beliefs, the better they are equipped to begin solving the problems they will face in the future and persuade others to empathize with their point of view. This grant is about getting students excited about talking about those ruminations that often just linger in their heads and never see the light of day. Ultimately, they will learn how to engage in face-to-face civil discourse in a manner that enhances understanding and reaches consensus without engendering negativity or hate.

3D Molecular Models for Biology Classes
Amount: $4,200 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. Waugh

Models help illustrate abstract concepts to student in biology. Not having had chemistry yet, 9th graders have a hard time visualizing molecular processes. Examples on paper and on the computer do not give students the same depth of exaple as physical models do. Models allow teachers customize instruciton in small group to respond to learning needs in the teachable moment. In order for us to effectively incorporate this into our lesson plans our team is desiring 7 sets per teacher, to keep our group sizes to only 4 students.

Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry
Amount: $5,000 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Mr. Capalupo

Environmental Science incorporates a compilation of all sciences into one. Learning all the required content for a student to be well prepared for the AP exam leaves little time for extended laboratory/ field investigations, research projects or field trips. Students are expected to learn content at a distance from the natural world. This will allow us to bridge the gap between authentic learning and classroom learning to achieve a more well rounded student who we feel will be much more prepared for their AP exam as well as for future continuation of their education

Analytical Balance
Amount: $4,250 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Mr. Coslet

Environmental Science incorporates a compilation of all sciences into one. Learning all the required content for a student to be well prepared for the AP exam leaves little time for extended laboratory/ field investigations, research projects or field trips. Students are expected to learn content at a distance from the natural world. This will allow us to bridge the gap between authentic learning and classroom learning to achieve a more well rounded student who we feel will be much more prepared for their AP exam as well as for future continuation of their education

"The Choices Program" Curriculum
Amount: $1,125 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. Hartmann

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, the 9th grade social studies content will combine geography and the first part of world history. This presents a wonderful opportunity to re-think how social studies has been taught at this level, and The Choices Program addresses many of the themes and content in our TEKS in a much more memorable and student-centered way than has our traditional lecture, reading, ad hoc project approach. Using these pre-vetted units as a jumping-off point will allow our team to spend PLC time tailoring the lessons to our populations rather than devising entirely new units from scratch. Having access to this high-quality, inquiry-based curriculum will significantly help us to ensure a successful course launch. Finally, and most importantly, our team is committed to overhauling the existing teaching approach and classroom culture to a format that will elicit active student participation. Real life is not about studying material and then taking a test; it is about vetting and assimilating source material to make really tough decisions that rarely have one right answer.

Clippers for Animals
Amount: $2,000 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. White

We have seen a tremendous growth in our all of our animal programs. It sometimes takes several hours to properly clip a lamb, goat, or steer (clip means " to give a haircut"). Even our pigs are sheared for show. We find sharing 4 sets of clippers for almost 60+ animals to be clipped in sometimes a 1 week window prior to a livestock show becomes chalenging for our students.

Graphic Tablets
Amount: $5,000 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. Stone

Graphic tablets provides for a more interactive classroom, teaching students how to use professional-grade tools to complete their projects. With only three tablets, there simply aren’t enough to fill the needs of my students. My students are excited to use the tablets and see real-life application.

Saving Lives in the 21 Century
Amount: $4,580 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. Rodriguez

The equipment we are requesting the grant for is state of the art equipment that will enhance the learning process. The CPR Manikin is equipped with CPR and blood circulation quality indicators. It also is bluetooth equipped with an app for real time feedback. The AED device is programmable for adult and child compressions and has a metronome to ensure proper compression rates. This will keep us up to date with recent American Heart Association guideline changes. We are also in need of adult and infant resuscitation bag mask devices as we only have 1 of each for class sizes of 30 plus students. Having this equipment will enhance the learning process for the student by giving the student confidence in their ability to provide CPR efficiently under our expert supervision. Upon successful completion of the American Heart Association CPR course, the students will receive a 2 year HeartSaver or BLS certification. The Health Science and Principles of Law students will be able to use this certification and skills in their chosen fields which will impact anyone in need and also the community they serve by saving lives.

Swivl Robot for Collaboration
Amount: $2,850 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Mr. Jacquez

This tool is extremely helpful for creating a culture of collaboration on our campus and allowing students to continue to learn outside the confines of our school day and campus. At the school level, teachers can record lessons and have them directly uploaded to the Swivl app for use with PLC's and for video recording of lessons for when students are absent. Swivl's come with markers which allows the machine to follow the speaker and record multiple students and the teacher all at once.

Flexible Seating
Amount: $2,000 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. Nacquin

In a modern world saturated with technology, perhaps the final frontier in classroom innovation lies in the seating. By investing in a flexible seating classroom, the options for lesson design are endless, and the learning environment will remain fresh and exciting. By allowing students to have choice in something as simple as what they will sit on from day to day, they can be empowered to have more ownership in what they contribute and produce during class, leading to more student-driven learning.

Supporting Literacy for Struggling Readers
Amount: $5,000 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. Musick

Students receiving special education services who are struggling with reading should be given every opportunity to strengthen their reading to the highest level attainable prior to graduating high school. This grant will provide more materials that are age-appropriate developed to address their significant reading instruction needs.

Special Needs Garden for Life Skills Students
Amount: $300 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. Sexton

This grant will provide LTHS special needs students with the funds to maintain a garden built by a former LTHS student as an Eagle Scout project. The project provides students with #LifeReady skills by fostering a growth mindset and socio-emotional independence.

Networking & Cyber Security Toolkit
Amount: $360 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Ms. Hendricks

Due to the high demand for technology professionals with cybersecurity skills, the state of Texas has approved a new CyberSecurity course that we will begin offering at LTHS in 2019-20. This grant will provide resources that allow for dynamic learning #Twenty4Seven by engaging students with skills in the technology platforms necessary to meet the demands of a highly complex world of technology.

AV Production Update
Amount: $5,000 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Mr. Crabb

Video work (editing, scripting, cinematography, audio, etc.) is one of the fastest growing industries. There are far more options to enter the field than just trying to be a part of Hollywood. In today's market, many students have advanced computers and cameras in their film programs thanks to generous donors, grant money, or federal funding. We need to update our equipment, classrooms (with studio space), and our software if we hope to be a modern and competitive program. The catch is that Austin is a film town. Lots of television and video is shot here and produced here. There is much opportunity for employment and advancement in this field.

Understanding Psychology with Manipulatives
Amount: $1,500 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Mr. Boren

It would be an invaluable experience for students to have the ability to construct their own brains in class, or maybe create, label, and explain the the functioning of a neuron. For example, the Biology of the Brain unit requires students to understand not only the location of the brain, but also the functions of each part of the brain, the students could design and develop a theme park based upon the Endocrine and Nervous systems. The possibilities are quite endless, and would be substantially more beneficial to learning experiences that would allow students to creatively display their understanding of the subject through manipulative materials.

Project Lead the Way - Curriculum Support Material (ROBOTICS)
Amount: $7,500 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Mr. Lowe

LTHS engineering utilizes Project Lead The Way curriculum to engage students in the world of engineering as a potential career. The Robotics class is in the process of upgrading the technology platform to the Vex 5 system. This grant will fully outfit one class to supplement the transition to the new platform for all the appropriate engineering courses.

High School Learning Spaces
Amount: $1,110 | Campus: Lake Travis High School, Mr. Butler

Adult learners - our teachers and staff - collaborate and learn together - design, plan, and grow together too! Enhancing our current E203 learning space helps all learners - students and adults.

Technology Support in the Classroom
Amount: $1,200 | Campus: Bee Cave Middle School, Ms. Carnes

Nepris connects classrooms to professionals in the world to bring in the real-world connections when creating all ALE and PBL lessons. ($300 per teacher subscription. We are requesting one subscription per core content area.)

Let's Light Up the Bee Cave Stage!
Amount: $5,000 | Campus: Bee Cave Middle School, Ms. Payne

A school community would assume that with the grand opening of a new campus, resources would equal those available to students in the same programs across the district. Now I will say, that I have a five year plan for building up the new Theatre Department at BCE. I will carefully utilize the theatre budget, write yearly grants, and fundraise through ticket admissions to slowly build up the resources for a top notch program. There are numerous "extras" for theatre programs that include technical equipment for sound and lighting, set pieces, prop and costume invetory, etc. This initial grant would help get us "up and running" at a level seemingly equal to other campus departments. We would have proper lighting, we would have some set pieces for productions!

2019-20 Teacher Grants for New Campus
Amount: $9,052 | Campus: Bee Cave Middle School, Ms. Prehn

BCMS will delay distributing a portion of their LTEF Teacher Grant amount to the beginning of the 2019-20 school year to provide opportunity for all new teachers to apply.

Listening to the Dead Speak
Amount: $2,575 | Campus: Hudson Bend Middle School, Ms. Cappadonna

Expository is the most frequently seen type of text, and it is critical that students learn how to analyze it because it has day-to-day requirements in the real world.This high-interest book will engage readers and bridge the gap between the classroom and the outside world. Students will realize that in the real world all the subjects work in concert, and students can start applying their knowledge to the bigger picture as a whole. We want to supplement our lessons with more enriching material than time permits. By spreading it out across subject areas it allows the ideas time to settle in student's minds and lets them get a deeper understanding. We are encouraging teachers and students alike the chance to explore the breadth and depth of a topic.

HBMS - 5 Chromebooks for Reading
Amount: $1,500 | Campus: Hudson Bend Middle School, Ms. McMichael

Twenty-first century teachers and students are facing more changes than ever before. Our Schools are currently equipped with Smart Boards, shared technology carts and computer labs and more to enhance productivity in teaching and learning. I am hoping to expand the use of Chromebooks with my students. There are many tools to help track growth, give extra resources, and accelerate learning based on each student’s unique pace. Technology has proven to accelerate struggling students close the learning gap.

IXL For Math and LA
Amount: $13,855 | Campus: Hudson Bend Middle School, Ms. Peterson

Students come to us with varying needs and skills. This program has helped both the students and teachers find ways to teach and reinforce difficult concepts. If students want to challenge themselves, they can jump ahead and enrich their knowledge.

Dome Builders
Amount: $1,200 | Campus: Hudson Bend Middle School, Mr. Tucker

Learning in math class should be dynamic, and this project will be dynamic. The project will provide opportunities for students to further apply their understandings of TEKS based learning objectives in ways that are hands-on and not strictly adherent to pencil and paper tasks. Students would have the possibilities to learn more about the historical contributions of two famous mathematicians, Pythagoras and Buckminster Fuller, or Brunelleschi and the construction of the dome at the Florence Cathedral, or measure dimensions of the classroom and consider spatial constraints of constructing a class geodome, or use a web based dome calculator application to aid in the design of a feasible geodome and create an assembly pattern.

Ecstatic about Edulastic - Easy Access to Assessing
Amount: $1,206 | Campus: Hudson Bend Middle School, Ms. Butler

Edulastic makes it easier to track student performance through assessment. It compiles multiple reports that provide data with real-time analytics about which domains and standards students have mastered. The question bank allows adjustment of the depth of knowledge of questions, enhancing a teacher's ability to individualize education plans for easy implementation. It also allows an efficient way to differentiate formative and summative assessments, accommodate for special education, 504, and dyslexic students, and create and share rubrics.

Amount: $5,352 | Campus: Lake Travis Middle School, Ms. Rizzoli

I have incorporated Authentic Learning Experiences into my classroom in addition to using "Mastery" on Schoology. Students currently take a learning check after each concept taught. If students "pass" then they do not have homework. If students do not do well, then they have mastery practice problems on Schoology. They are able to take and retake until they achieve the grade they desire. This has been very beneficial as students pay close attention the first time so they are able to "pass" their learning check and not have homework! In addition, it allows for those students who need extra practice to have what they need.

Chromebooks for SPED Department
Amount: $7,150 | Campus: Lake Travis Middle School, Ms. Arminio

We want to develop technology skills with our students who need intensive support in order for them to college and career ready with increased access and application opportunity in our classrooms.

Gamify my Classroom with Teaming
Amount: $2,750 | Campus: Lake Travis Middle School, Ms. Bishop

I have been so amazed and inspired by how well “gamifying” my classroom has worked. I would like to continue next year because it has been a huge success in my classroom and increased my students’ love of learning. In order to do so, I will need additional chromebooks in my classroom.

BCE Kindergarten Playground Enhancements
Amount: $4,349 | Campus: Bee Cave Elementary, Ms. Martin

There are not enough swings or enough space on the single play structure to accommodate 135 students. We have noticed a lack of interactive play and increased student conflict due to this issue. There are ample open areas in the playground that would support the sport court and trampoline.

Reflex Math Fact Fluency Program
Amount: $5,931 | Campus: Bee Cave Elementary, Ms. Flores

We have been using the Reflex Math Program for the last 2 years, and are very impressed by the student's level of engagement, and success with Math fact fluency and flexibility. Most teachers on campus would highly recommend this program to another teacher/campus.

Guided Reading with BookNook
Amount: $5,000 Campus: Bee Cave Elementary, Ms. Tilley

Using BookNook gives teachers access to more leveled readers. This resources also supports campus goals of 92% of K-2 students reading on grade level, and 93% of students in grades 3-5 approaching or exceeding standard on STAAR

Bring Our Voices to the Playground
Amount: $1,000 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Wilder

The large poster of communication symbols would promote communication by all students at Lake Pointe Elementary in appropriate areas of our school environment. This would help our students with disabilities to enjoy the same opportunities as our general education students.

Egg Incubator Kit
Amount: $2,000 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Andersson

The grant offers students an Authentic Learning Experience and supports the TEKS such as recognizing the interdependence of organisms in the natural world, understanding that all organisms have basic needs that can be satisfied through interactions with living and nonliving things, and investigating life cycles of animals and identify likenesses between parents and offspring. Students would learn how the living environment is composed of relationships between organisms and the life cycles that occur, learn that organisms resemble their parents and have structures and processes that help them survive within their environments.

Flexible Seating and Learning
Amount: $800 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Price

Replacing the reading group table with a kidney shaped dry erase table will enable my students to write and share ideas and information directly on the table. The table will also allow me support my students enrich lessons in their small group rotations. As a way to differentiate seating and give students time out of their chairs, new content and many of my lessons are taught in an engaging whole group setting on the rug

Learning Spaces in STEM
Amount: $1,200 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. McPhail

As we look at companies such as Google or Apple; we see innovative work spaces. Why can't it be the same for our students? The design of a learning space has an effect on a student's learning process. If we train students early on behavior management, they are able to work more independently and in work groups...even when they are eight years old.

Escape Room
Amount: $400 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Malicki

Our district is one of innovation and strives to be the best in Texas. We want our children to have hands-on experiences solving problems and using their communication skills to do so. I believe that bringing excitement into the classroom by providing high energy and creative teaching instills a lasting impression on the learner. "I'm bored" will not be part of any student's vocabulary.

Amount: $400 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Ketter

Our ELA teachers will be using a literature circle model next year. We are hoping to increase the number of novels to cover the different reading levels.

Electricity - Circuits
Amount: $450 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Ketter

We currently have some older Snap Circuit that have started to show their age. We can replace these parts at a minimal cost. Snap Circuits has also come out with new kits that will continue to allow kids to use their imagination. Snap Circuits are also a great way to use hands-on assessment to see if students really understand how circuits work.

Merge Cubes, Merge Goggles and Apps for the Merge Cube
Amount: $800 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Ketter

Students get to look at things and hold things that they never could before. For example they can travel to Saturn and look at all the moons and rings of Saturn. They can practically hold Saturn in their hands. This is so cool for our students!

Braining Camp
Amount: $500 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Gil

These wonderful online manipulatives provide support for visual and kinesthetic learners. These would be useful for teachers to introduce new concept and also support small group instruction. There are tutorial videos for all resources and numerous lessons with videos related to each manipulative. This resource also includes practice questions to use with instruction, questions to assess student understanding, and challenge problems for those students needing extensions. for Kindergarten
Amount: $600 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Nava offers differentiated resources that can meet a wide range of educational needs while raising students' confidence in learning. It can easily be used at home providing families with additional educational support for their children. Once the school year ends, parents will still have access to because the yearly subscription runs for 12 months

New Stage Curtains
Amount: $5,369 | Campus: Lake Pointe Elementary, Ms. Freed

The cafeteria received an uplift last year. We would like to give a face-lift to our curtains to help refresh the appearance of the stage.

Hands-On, Minds-On!
Amount: $3,397 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. Bertul

Through the use of hands on materials, science comes alive and becomes meaningful for the students! The goal is to foster creative scientists, eager to explore our world. Providing exciting investigations will allow students to engage in the scientific process and encourage writing and reading across the curriculum. Hands-on activities help students learn and gives them the foundation needed to be able to relate and solve complex problems in their future.

Social Emotional Learning Through Dramatic Play
Amount: $3,000 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. McKallip

Through dramatic play, children learn to self regulate their behavior, develop language and practice conflict resolution. Dramatic play helps relieve emotional tension by empowering our young students, giving them opportunities to act out real life situations and practice problem solving strategies with their peers. Our students also develop their math and literacy skills when they use the dramatic play center. They naturally expand on and practice the skills we teach by sounding out words to write grocery lists for a family, following a recipe as chef in a restaurant or retelling stories and taking on roles of characters from books that we have read aloud in class. Vocabulary and expressive language are developed when students need to convey messages from the perspective of their pretend roles. While pretending may just look like “playing”, it is integral to the developmental learning process.

4th Grade Texas Studies Weekly
Amount: $2,500 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. Story

This resource is a great supplemental resource to our social studies curriculum. It supports not only Social Studies TEKS but ELAR TEKS as well and is available in both English and Spanish. The student magazine both available in the online and paper format is a relevant modality to access the way students of today learn and how they are presented the material- online and or paper.

Novel Studies
Amount: $500 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. Schmidt

Novel studies allow for great classroom discussions as well as fosters a love of reading in our students.

Structures and Natural Disasters
Amount: $3,000 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. Pena

This grant is a springboard for engineering and design and extends open ended learning and problem solving as students take research on safety during a natural disaster and personalize their ideas through unique construction of physical structures to represent their own interpretation of the best way to survive a disaster.

Motivation Science - 5th Grade
Amount: $2,500 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. Gannon

Motivation Science will provide hands-on introduction activities and scientific investigations to promote critical thinking skills. Vocabulary activities support science literacy and language development. Parent and homework activities help students make connections between content learned at school and science in the real world.

Books for 5th grade classes
Amount: $500 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. DeLong

Additional book titles will enhance students' love for reading. When students have a love for reading it improves their instruction across all subjects.

Grant Request for LTE Pre-K Program
Amount: $1,000 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. Anderson

Early childhood education research suggests the following seven types of effective centers in a Pre-K classroom: Pretend and Learn Center, Writer's Corner, Library and Listening Center, Construction Center, Math and Science Center, Creativity Station, and ABC Center. As our Pre-K program does not currently have any dollhouses, the access to play with one during center time would be beneficial to our Pretend and Learn Centers. It is widely researched and proven in early childhood education that children learn through play. The presence of a dollhouse in the classroom would increase imaginary play which is proven to be beneficial to intellectual and social development.

STEM Maker Shop and Materials
Amount: $5,000 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. Brown

STEM education in the classroom is important because it incorporates math and science skills with real world application. Students are exposed to the engineering process and design thinking.

STEM Bins for 3rd Grade
Amount: $2,000 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Ms. Brown

STEM education in the classroom is important because it incorporates math and science skills with real world application. Students are exposed to the engineering process and design thinking.

Headphones for MAP Testing
Amount: $5,000 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Mr. Sam

The campus will use some of their funds to purchase headphones that can be used in all grade levels to support the administration of MAP assessments and progress monitoring for students in math and reading.

Sensory Path
Amount: $1,311 | Campus: Lake Travis Elementary, Mr. Sam

Sensory Paths are creative paths along the hallway and classroom floor which utilize a series of movements to decrease behaviors while increasing cognition to support students at the elementary level.

New Wireless Mic and Sound Board in the gym
Amount: $4,120 | Campus: Serene Hills Elementary, Ms. Zibilski

The gym is a loud area and packed with 70-100 kids moving around. In order to manage the class and clearly give instructions a wireless microphone system that coaches can wear is a necessity.

Serene Hills Across Campus Enrichment (ACE)
Amount: $11,646 | Campus: Serene Hills Elementary, Ms. Carlisle

We believe as a school we should always be striving to do better for our students. We are forever learning new ways to accelerate learning and enrich our students’ lives. We strive to empower our students and give them learning opportunities that require design-thinking, exploration, collaboration and critical thinking. We value each child’s talents even those that do not fit traditional achievement or athletic recognition. We wish to cultivate passions in our students, give them confidence that they are good at something and increase authentic relationships across our campus. Our students will benefit from the School-Wide Enrichment model (which we will call ACE for Across Campus Enrichment) as well as the staff. Our staff is energized with the idea of blended collaboration with their colleagues and being able to teach a passion of their own to inspire students to grow to new levels.

Reading Arts and Crafts
Amount: $300 | Campus: Serene Hills Elementary, Ms. Miller

Maker space and STEM bins have been met with great success in the upper grades. I think incorporating the same concept in a different format for reading will engage students more to share what they have learned as well as provide a creative outlet.

"Dash"ing to STEM
Amount: $1,259 | Campus: Serene Hills Elementary, Ms. Cardarella

For my students to be successful in the future, they need to become competent and confident with STEM and how to problem solve in a variety of ways. This also helps to establish a growth mindset as they will constantly have challenges that result in both success and failure. Learning to use their failures as a growth opportunity deepens their love of learning and definitely strengthens their perseverance!

Tinker Crates for STEM "Tinking"
Amount: $250 | Campus: West Cypress Hills Elementary, Ms. Gallenkamp

Tinker Crates offer hands-on learning and discovery, while encouraging a STEM (science tech engineering & math) mindset in a FUN & engaging, TEK-aligned format that is practical & convenient for teachers to implement (everything is provided & delivered directly to classroom). They improves student inquiry and student engagement surrounding our STEM related TEKS. The effect of this high-interest and high student engagement carries over into further ALEs (authentic learning experiences) related to the STEM TEKs connected to each Tinker Crate kit.

Scholastic News
Amount: $500 | Campus: West Cypress Hills Elementary, Ms. Eskridge

Students use these throughout the year to reinforce reading TEKS and discuss current and relevant events.

RAZ Kids
Amount: $500 | Campus: West Cypress Hills Elementary, Ms. Eskridge

RAZ Kids is used throughout the school year for intervention and enrichment.

Fall in Love with Reading
Amount: $550 | Campus: West Cypress Hills Elementary, Ms. Yordanova

I would like to add to my current reading library by adding 6 sets of Field Trip Mysteries. My 4th grade group has read this series and loved it. I want to keep them excited and happy to read using this new mystery series. The confidence and love of reading they will acquire is priceless.

Flexible Seating Options
Amount: $1,000 | Campus: West Cypress Hills Elementary, Ms. Hatfield

The open environment of flexible seating fosters and facilitates a number of different teaching strategies. Rearrange your space and you will likely find that it becomes more conducive to teaching strategies such as experiential learning or cooperative learning, which can help students remain focused and learn faster. If we sit for too long during the day, the risk increases for health changes that lead to diseases such as type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Flexible seating offers alternative postures and positions that help students learn without sitting down all day. The novelty and stimulation students receive through an interactive and changing classroom setting positively impacts behavior, according to educational researcher Sheryl Feinstein’s book From the Brain to the Classroom. In it, she observes that “bland, unchanging” school environments cause students to be “off task more often” than they are in flexible seating arrangements where frequent adjustments occur. In fixed environments, students “tend to seek out their own stimulation through movement, off-task talking, or disruptive behaviors.”

Learning Locks
Amount: $300 | Campus: West Cypress Hills Elementary, Ms. Wells

These locks are hands-on, engaging and will help students practice their phonics skills.

Flexible Seating
Amount: $1,000 | Campus: West Cypress Hills Elementary, Ms. Wells

These help to support student engagement and allow them to focus on their learning. This support the flexible seating movement and empowers students to have a choice in their seating options

Fixer Upper: 1st Grade Neighborhood Edition
Amount: $1,500 | Campus: West Cypress Hills Elementary, Ms. Ali

We'd love to extend learning beyond the walls of our classroom and be able to use the neighborhood for more of a cooperative learning space for our students to interact with each other and learn together. If it is a space for kids, it should reflect that! With our growing class sizes, we really need to be able to maximize learning spaces and use the spaces we have in the most efficient way possible.

Chromebook Cart for the Campus
Amount: $10,949 | Campus: West Cypress Hills Elementary, Ms. Melanie

Our campus continues to infuse chromebooks into classrooms and designing learning experiences to engage students and provide an increasingly dynamic learning environment for all students.

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